We’re nine days from opening night on the stage of 12th Avenue Arts!

More than just remounting this show, we want Don’t Call it a Riot! to reach an audience beyond the typical play-attending crowd— we want to reach our community. Because of this, we had the special opportunity to enlist the talent of Franklin High School’s Art of Resistance and Resilience Club to make part of our set.

A student pastes old Seattle newspaper headlines as part of the set.

This is community in action – inter-generational and grounded in art and education. These young people are learning about the power of art while also learning about their city’s history.
Franklin High School has a history of activism – and played a part inspiring the formation of the Seattle Chapter of the Black Panther Party. Learn more about the history here.
Club Advisor and Teaching Artist Lauren Holloway said the students choose their projects together, and we were honored they wanted to be a part of this production. It connects to their first large-scale project painted last year—a mural celebrating Seattle’s Black Panther Party, now prominently displayed on Rainier Avenue South across from the Mount Baker Light Rail Station.

Students received a stipend for the work they contributed, giving an example of the opportunities art can provide. They created beautiful work for our set under the leadership of Lauren and our set designer Parmida Ziaei and we’re proud it’s found a home on our stage!