Lillian Afful-Straton

as Marti

Lillian Afful-Straton is an actor, model, singer, activist, and entrepreneur. After starting her career as a child model, she broadened her performance horizons and got involved in community choir and theatre.

She has been seen in shows at Edmonds Community College, Village Theatre, The Neptune, 18th and Union Theatre, Theatre Battery, Driftwood Theatre, and Annex Theatre, among others.

Lillian appeared in the Edmonds’ Driftwood Players Festival of Shorts in the play Spare Change of Strange Angels, which was named a Festival Favorite. She also appeared in Annex Theatre’s production of Terra Incognita, for which she was nominated for Best Actress by Broadway World.

Lillian recently took a leap into film, and later this year will be seen in the films Birds of Prey, written by DQ Kaufman, and Planet Janet, written by Bret Fetzer.

Outside of performing, Lillian is the co-owner of an on-site computer repair company. In addition, she has been involved in community-based organizations; one of which focuses on helping young Black adults learn their history and find their voices (ADORN), and one that aims to change our cultural norms by amplifying the voices of marginalized people (Invest Attention).